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Your sharp mind is probably why you're so restless and impatient, although it helps you excel in most social situations.

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But once you've warmed up, people will realise you're a gentle, caring and familiar person - rather than being as moody or insecure as you may have first come across. You're the sort of person who is always in the centre of the conversation - and you always end up leaving an impression.

However, your ambition can sometimes come across as bossiness, but you're charisma means you tend to know how to play every conversation nonetheless. Intelligent and reserved, your initial shyness can sometimes make you come across as critical or cold. You're a pleasant person who is nice to be around - and the fact you're always surrounded by friends proves it.

Zodiac Sign Dates: What Are The Dates for Every Star Sign?

The one place your charisma doesn't always help you, however, is in your love life, which you may struggle with. Your determined and ballsy nature means you always leave a mark on people, even if you are a bit of a Marmite character who people either love or hate.

Your enthusiasm and adventurousness means you're always a little restless, which is probably why you can't stop talking all the time. Often, you'll come across as very direct, which people usually overlook thanks to your chirpy optimism. Overall, the horoscope describes the condition and direction of the planets at the time of birth, on the basis of which the future of the individual is anticipated.

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It would provide insights about major milestones in one's life and the time frame in which it would happen. It also bolsters the fact that everything in life happens for a reason and everything in the universe adheres to the cosmic laws of the universe.

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Astrology studies the connection of life on earth to the cosmos. Just like the effect of Moon on the tides and currents, our lives and emotions are being influenced by planets and heavenly bodies.

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A deeper look at it would reveal the scientific aspect of astrology and we would be surprised to learn how advanced a science is Vedic astrology which is being disdained and labelled as superstitious by some people nowadays. Astrology will help one to get insights and guidance about his time and fortune, of course timely and wise actions can reduce the ill effects and negative impacts and take advantage of the favourable time period.

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How to Cast your Birth Chart

As a minimum, please enter your date and city of birth. The Calculator is most accurate if you also provide time of birth. Tested The Zodiac sign calculator is based on contemporary astronomical formulas of celestial mechanics.

Zodiac Sign Dates: What Are The Dates for Every Star Sign?

If you have used another calculator to ascertain your Zodiac sign, please consider the following: Zodiac sign calculators that give no degree within the sign in the result are insufficient and often based on a simple table of mean Zodiac dates, with no consideration of leap years. That can give you the wrong Zodiac sign if you were born close to a change of Zodiac signs.

If you are born near a change of Zodiac signs they can give the wrong one. Zodiac sign calculators that ask for neither your birth place nor the time zone of it have the same inaccuracy as those not calculating with the time of day of your birth. Even those Zodiac sign calculators that ask for all the necessary information may use simplified computing and therefore sometimes give results that can be a degree or even more off.

That even goes for some astrological horoscope calculation programs.

What's Your Emotional Mode of Operation?

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